I am not the sort of girl that gets major celebrity fixation. They usually piss me off. I also don’t tend to like really attractive people, I’d prefer the quirkier looking types. These are the two celebrities that I can see myself having dirty dreams about – or that I already have.

First, Woody Allen!

I don’t care that he is really old now, I would still fuck him in a New York minute. This man exudes charm by being neurotic. I love how all of his films are pervy and weird. We know he likes the younger ladies so I think I have a fair shot.

Second, John Stewart!

Smart, incredibly funny, and really hot. This man can get in my pants any time he wants. It doesn’t hurt that he hates Bush as much as I do.

So, what do these two fine specimens have in common? They are both funny and intelligent Jews. I tend to think that funny Jews = SEXY! Now, if we extend this analysis we realize that yours truly is funny, intelligent, and Jewish. Therefore, by a hypothetical syllogism we conclude that I am sexy.

Isn’t logic hot?

In other news, I was feeling mischevious this morning so I wore a short skirt to campus. I was quickly put in my place by the weather which decided to be cold and windy. Instead of listening to my mp3 player and feelin’ fine I spent the walk struggling with my skirt to prevent every man, woman, and child that saw me from being flashed. This is only sexy when certain famous blondes are doing it :(

Finally, if you all aren’t aware of Nerve Magazine, get aware fast. Well, unless you are at work in which case wait because it is too hot for work! I used to be a subscriber and I think I’m going to have to re-instate that. I have had a lot of very nice times looking at that mag. Here is a good free story that was just posted today:

Hightower looked back to the table and saw Stella craning her long neck so the lean cords stood out against her skin. Antoinette asked Hightower what he wanted.
“I want to fuck your friend,” he whispered in her double-pierced ear.