So I have delusions in my head of becoming a sex mp3 blogger. This is a niche that hasn’t been tapped yet and I want the elite across the world bumping uglies to music that is selected by me. Despite the less than stellar feedback about the idea yesterday (did I distract all of you with the naked pictures or are you really that ambivilent about music?) I am going to test things out here before I take this on the road. Right click and save (don’t forget to give the file a proper name, my pic host strips them).

“Tonight I’m all alone in my room. I’ll go insane, if you won’t sleep with me, I’ll still be with you. . .”
What is sexier than a song about going out of your mind with desire? The answer: Jonathan Richman singing a song about going out of your mind with desire. The Modern Lovers are a classic, no doubt. There is a delicious bluesjazzrocksexgod aura to the track. The instrumentation is stripped down to its most rugged components which puts you front and center with Richman’s growly croon.

“You shake, I sweat, it stings. I ache, you’re wet, I cling. Your sighs, your breasts, my cheek. . .”
Sometimes I think that everything David Gedge touches turns into instant sex. This song is a prime example of the phenomenon. There is a beautiful ethereal quality to the percussion and backing vocals that gives the song a wholly sensual weightlessness. This feel is very symptomatic of his work with Cinerama where he brought out all of the weird instruments he rarely used in The Wedding Present. It was pretty hard to pick a sexiest Cinerama song so if you like this one check out “Your Charms”, “Au Pair”, “Wow”, and “Quick Before It Melts.” Buy it from Tonevendor

Disclaimer: If you own the copyright to any of these tracks and do not want them displayed here, please email me at lumpesse (at) and I will gladly remove them. I’m just trying to help!