I spent about 7 hours today working on making a ‘zine with a friend. Not a webzine, not even a real print magazine. No, an old-school, glue sticks and tiny scraps of paper ‘zine. It was frustrating and tactile and incredibly awesome. I’m pretty sure that making a ‘zine is the opposite of blogging. Computers were not involved in the layout at all.

The reason that I mention this is because despite the fact that I am writing about something so insanely physical, blogging is incredibly ephemeral. I wish the product were more tactile in the end. Assembling the ‘zine today, it was nice to caress each page as I completed my work, to marvel at how things were coming together. Aside from hugging my laptop (I’ve done it before!) I don’t know how to bring that materialism into blogging. Sometime I find myself writing my blog posts out by hand before typing them up, this isn’t my normal method of composition but it seems right for some reason.