I thought that finally fucking someone else would make this blog way more interesting. It probably would if I could be assed to write about it. Computing hasn’t been a high priority lately and the semester at school started so I’m a few weeks behind on email and blog comments. The bits of podcast I have recorded are going obsolete so I have to scrap my draft for Bedroom Radio #10 and come up with something else. Enough whining, whats been going on? Well. . .

The past week and a half has been really exciting and fascinating. Laying my head in J’s lap with my cell on speakerphone while we both talk to C (and they make fun of me together) was probably the surreal highlight of the week. J and I have been spending a lot of time together getting to know eachother and I’ll be the first to admit that a bulk of that time has been spent in bed.

I get the distict feeling that he is totally in awe of me, which is a remarkable place to be in a relationship. The sex has been entirely fantastic and such a whirlwind that I’m hard-pressed to focus on one particular incident. Although, if I had to pick, being tied up with thirty feet of black rope probably tops the list – I suspect he would concur.

One of the best things about J is that he, like me, seems content to dissect and talk about sex ad infinitum. We’ve spent many a happy hour with our limbs tangled up, my head on his chest, doing the instant replay of what just went down between us. Sure, we were both there but I like saying things like, “You had the sexiest look on your face when you were biting my nipple.” I also like hearing things like, “You made a great noise when I brushed my finger over your clit.” We usually keep up this dialogue about the sex that just transpired until we both get turned on again.

Can this work out? Is it too good to be true? Do I deserve the affection of two wonderful men at the same time? For now these questions batter my psyche almost constantly but I just keep talking to C and J about how I feel. In turn they keep shocking me with their kindness, empathy, and love. Could I be the luckiest girl in the world? I’m not sure but I defy you to present me with someone happier.