This post is mostly a public memo to myself. I’m hoping some of you will kick me in the ass about writing. The last few months featured the end of the semester at school and the starting of my incredibly demanding summer job. I’m driving a thousand miles a week and teaching over 100 students. The free time that I’ve had has been spent camping (and subsequently away from internet access.) However, I’ve squeezed in some amazing experiences in that time that I want to share. This week expect to hear about:

My first threesome.

My second threesome. (Seriously, two in one week. . .)

Having sex in broad daylight on a trail off of the Blueridge Parkway.

And letting a very sexy lady take dirty pictures of me being tied up. (The image at the top is a sample of what she came up with.)

I’ll be slapping together a podcast about all of this very soon as well. I know, promises as always but I’ll feel more inclined to deliver after making the public declaration.