Some might say it is never too hot to fuck. Those people haven’t lived in the South in August. Particularly this August, with the temperatures over 100 most days of the month. The past week or so we’ve gotten a bit of a reprieve and my sex drive escalated while the mercury dropped.

I savor excellent, lazy, weekend morning sex. Sure, breath might not be at its finest but my senses are refreshed. I’m awake without being overly alert. These are the ideal moments to float through the pure sensation of lovemaking. On these mornings, I snuggle up to a sleeping Jay and kiss his nose. Instinctively, his arms reach for me and start caressing my ass.

As my pussy begins to throb and moisten, I press against him even more. Enjoying the haze of the morning, looking at his sleepy face, and feeling his cock grow hard as it presses against my tummy. I stretch out, luxuriating in the cool sheets, sunshine, and arousal. On my back now, I spread my legs to make room for his fingers to tickle my pussy. They are gentle, lazy strokes that mock the increasing urgency of my now dripping cunt. I feel my breath get ragged and my hips rise to meet his hands, to trick his body into giving me the pressure and friction that I crave.

The laziness is squeezed out of the moment as I become more and more frantic. Desperately desiring his now rock hard cock to enter me. I grasp it greedily and stroke my fingers over the shaft, pulling him towards me by using his member as my handle. He keeps his fingers steady and lazy and groans as I squeeze his cock but doesn’t roll onto me. Doesn’t enter me. Doesn’t fuck me frantically like I am hoping. Instead he stays put, continues to tease, smiles at the delicious anguish in my pleading eyes.

I can tell this will be a slow morning.