I tried out the i-Lube in a recent episode of Bedroom Radio and wanted to report in more detail on my findings about it.

First of all, this is a silicone-based lubricant which comes with both advantages and disadvantages. I’ll start with the most clear downside. Silicone lubes can’t be used with silicone sex toys because they react with the material and can degrade it. We’re not talking science fair reaction here, but you will come back to your favorite dildo later and it will look like it has a flesh-eating virus. Now, you could put a condom on your toy to use it with a silicone lube, but I personally wouldn’t chance it. I make sure that all of my treasured toys are out of the way before a bust out a lube like this.

Of course there are lots of things that I put in my pussy that I like to have lubed up and that aren’t made out of silicone. Cocks spring to mind (story of my life!) and also gorgeous glass toys (more on that later). So, what are some of the positives of a silicone lube? The slipperiness is not like what you’ve felt before. The active ingredient in them is dimethicone which is almost a powdery slip instead of a wet one. This can be a really sexy sensation and can be effective for a variety of purposes.

So what about i-Lube? I have to say that I have not tried many silicone lubes before but compared to Eros Bodyglide, it doesn’t hold a candle. I found that it seemed to wear off quickly and get a bit sticky. As far as I am concerned, that means it is a blend of the worst things about silicone lube and the worst things about water-based lubes.

Now, all of these potions have different formulas and I’m not a chemist but I wonder if perhaps iLube skimps on the dimethicone a bit compared to some of the other silicone lube manufacturers? I am only speculating on it though. For now, this lube will be used in a limited setting – I see it being a nice way to create a bit of slipperiness on my clit if I’m in a pinch but I wouldn’t use it to grease up the works for anal or hardcore fucking.