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The Silver Bullet is a real powerhouse of a vibrator that has me impressed. When I first picked it up I was skeptical. It looked a little flimsy and plain. What could this possibly do next to the impressive and expensive sex toys all around it?

It turns out it can do a whole fuck of a lot. The Silver Bullet is elegant in its simplicity. A pretty vibrating egg attached to a 36 inch cord and a control box. No muss, no fuss. Well, actually a bit of each of those, but in all the best ways.

I am finding myself reaching for the Silver Bullet now at a lot of moments in my life. Getting fucked from behind? Hold it against your clit! Missionary position? No hands needed, the Silver Bullet rests between my body and his. Out to run errands for the day? Slip it into your panties, get dressed and slide the controller into the pocket of your pants.

The vibrations are more powerful than plenty of other toys I’ve played with and I can’t stop coming up with fun and devious uses for this little gem. Of course I’m always open to suggestions.

How would you use the Silver Bullet? (All the gruesome details are more than welcome)