I had been waiting to try the Snugglepuss for awhile. I read tons of rave reviews. I love dual stimulation toys and this one looked particularly interesting. The Snugglepuss from Vibe Review is designed to be a hands-free toy, the larger portion is inserted and rests against the G-spot while the small part sits on the clit.

Once the toy is properly inserted, here is where the magic begins. The hing of the toy opens and this creates the connection for the vibrator to go on. Neat, huh? The vibrations are steady although relatively sedate and the toy stays put well. I could imagine wearing the Snugglepuss while standing and moving around and having it function effectively. In fact, I’m wearing it right now while I sit at my computer and write this review.

Merely squeezing my kegels or wiggling in my chair a bit can shift the toy just enough to create some variation in the stimulation. In fact, I can see myself being able to kegel my way to a very nice orgasm.

Despite this convenience, I’m not crazy about the Snugglepuss as a toy for getting off with. I can think of some very nice applications for this toy for teasing a partner (or unruly submissive) but it seems like the sort of plaything best suited for foreplay over delivering intense orgasms.

The reasons for this are straight-forward. The vibrations are not particularly intense and the fact that the toy has to stay in a pretty static position means that they can get a bit numbing after awhile. Likewise, the G-spot stimulation is pleasant but won’t push you over the edge without some significant rocking or use of hands.

I’ve tried using the Snugglepuss in a variety of positions and each yielded similar results. Combined with some spanking or teasing, having this toy shoved in my cunt certainly turned me on. But, I don’t find myself lusting for the Snugglepuss to push me over the edge. The orgasms I’ve experienced with it have been lackluster and a lot of trouble. My best experience with it so far has been when I used it to get very aroused and then got properly fucked.

Do I hate the Snugglepuss? Absolutely not, I can think of many things that I like about it and occasions where it may come in handy. Is it the hands-free orgasm machine that some people describe it as? Not in my experience.