It is a funny thing when people start a sentence with this phrase. In normal, polite company it makes sense. I don’t really consider myself polite company much of the time. When readers or other sex bloggers say it, it makes me laugh. The question they ask is usually far from too personal in the context of this rhetorical situation. I’ve seen that sentence end with:

What dress size do you wear? (18-22)
How many people have you had sex with? (11)
What was your Bachelor’s degree in? (Philosophy)

None of these things meet my definition of “too personal”. Take a look around this place, I’m not really sure what does. That isn’t to say that I’ll answer every question or have never felt that a request was invasive, I have. I just don’t have a clear line in place for when “too personal” kicks in.

What about you? What makes something too personal? Where is your line?