I am sort of embarrassed to admit that until recently, I didn’t have a decent blindfold. I know, I know, what sort of kinky pervert am I without a blindfold. I did have a great collection of sleep masks from transatlantic flights that had been standing in for a proper blindfold, but I was pretty psyched when Sextoy.com gave me the chance to review this gorgeous, leather blindfold.

As soon as it came, I tried it on and found that it was comfortable and blocked out most of the light from the room. But, I had other plans for this blindfold and they involved my girlfriend, a sex swing, restraints, and a variety of vibrators and other toys. Now, I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think that the blindfold was the focus of her attention during much of the reviewing process. But, honestly, if you’re doing a good job, the blindfold should never be the focal point. And if the blindfold is doing a good job, the wearer will stop thinking about it all together. Still, I asked her to reflect on the use of blindfolds in general and the adequacy of this blindfold in particular.

Ellie: So, how about that blindfold?
How much light did it let in?
Ariel: I got a tiny sliver of light right at the bridge of my nose
Ellie: Yeah, I noticed the same thing when I wore it.
Ariel: It wasn’t enough to let me really look at anything, but it was not total darkness
Ellie: How was the padding? Was it comfortable against your eyes?
Ariel: It felt like the perfect amount of padding for me – it’s cushioned all the way around, but it doesn’t press against my eyes the way some padding can
Ellie: Do you like being blindfolded?
Ariel: Absolutely
Ellie: Why?
Ariel: I even close my eyes when I kiss
Ellie: Doesn’t everyone do that?
Ariel: I always thought so, but I’ve been told I was wrong and now everyone keeps trying to make me look them in the eye all the time
Ellie: Hmm, that is sort of odd. I open mine at intervals but I don’t generally keep them open for kissing.
Ariel: I like the dark, it feels ‘more’ in the dark
and my sets of visuals don’t get so confusing
Ellie: I don’t like being expected to do much when I can’t see. When we all have sex in the dark I get clumsy and disoriented.
But when I’m tied up or being left in one place, it is okay.
Ariel: Blindfolds sound like a nice solution – I can have my dark and you can see what you’re doing
Ellie: Exactly. And you can’t see me not knowing what I’m doing.
Ariel: if this is you not knowing what you’re doing, in I’m for it when you figure it out ;)
Ellie: I just have an effective toybag.
Ariel: that’s just gravy

So, take it from the two of us. Blindfolds can spice things up and add a new element to almost any encounter. Additionally, the SL Leather Padded Blindfold totally met my specifications. It is high quality and well-crafted. I’m confident that it will last for a long time and that it functions quite well. So well, that it is a complete afterthought during a really sexy moment.

Thanks to Sextoy.com for allowing me to review great bondage and BDSM sex toys.