My Google reader has been on 1000+ for weeks now as I deal with relationship drama ad nauseum and other parts of life (good and bad) getting in the way of blogging. But I have some progress and news to report.

  • The gorgeous and sexy Thursday wrote this really pretty water sex post and dedicated it to me. Swoon.
  • I avoided a total fangirl moment and played it cool when Jayme Waxman asked to interview me for a piece on phone sex at YourTango.
  • Apparently, I am one of the best sex toy reviewers of 2008. I do know that my boyfriend loves listening to me snark on all the crap toys available in the average porn store.
  • March 26th was the four year anniversary of this blog. I missed that fucker again. How frustrating. Maybe I’ll make it up to you with a new episode of Bedroom Radio. But, if you’ve never listened before, the old ones are new to you.
  • Next week our entire quad is packing off to Frolicon. I’ve never attended before but I’m pretty excited. Turns out some people that I really admire and enjoy will be there: Lolita Wolf, Sharrin Spector, and Nina (my .) If you are going to be there and have been ignoring my queries on , please speak up!
  • Sex 2.0 is coming up again next month and we’re 95% sure that we’re attending. Assuming nothing goes ridiculously wrong financially, I’m so excited to get to go again. I’m not sure if I’ll be leading a session or just actively participating but I can’t wait to see all of my friends again. Too many to mention here easily but if you look at my blogroll, it gives you a pretty good idea.