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Archive for the ‘25 Words’ Category

Sep 16,2008
  • I can’t believe how exhausted I still am after 10 hours of sleep. Holy crap I have a lot of email.
  • Google Reader just says 1000+. . . Thinking I should just mark all read and move on with my life.
  • Adding camp people to my Google Reader account. Reid Mihalko. . . so fucking dreamy ;)
  • I am completely useless. I have so many sex toys to get reviews out for. Tried some at camp ;)
  • I like that every time I look at the sunburn on my boobs I think of the fun I had in the pool this weekend. That was lovely.
  • And I have to say that sunburned nipples are not as bad as they sound. I have more sensitivity and they are hard all the time.
  • @ Thanks babe. Yes, just slightly owie. My tan is fabulous – I was so naughty about not wearing sunblock but I don’t burn badly.
  • @ Wow, seriously? Why?
  • @ I just need a volunteer to lick them and blow cool air on them.
  • @ Nice! I hear there are some pretty beaches to photograph in the South ;)
Sep 15,2008
  • @ won one of the vibes donated by @ . Friskiest pet!
  • On the way home from camp and making a long toy wishlist!
Sep 14,2008
  • Just finished a fun sensation scene that I co-topped with Jay. Later I am working in the "brothel".
  • The brothel was amazing. I can’t believe how much it was like phone calls with clients.
  • Spent much of the day so far lounging in the pool. Looking forward to Lolita’s class on ageplay in a bit.
Sep 13,2008
  • Evening included chore duty and a knife scene. There was a cherry! Tommorrow Jay and I are getting mummified together.
  • Just watched a game of butt plug ring toss. Today is beautiful, I hope that the weather holds.
Sep 12,2008
  • Cuddle party was illuminating and surprisingly emotional for me.
  • @ Cant wait to see you here!
  • Just met Sarah Sloan who is totally awesome and gorgeous!
  • @ and I just got felt up by Nina Hartley OMFG!
Sep 11,2008
  • Up early and on the way to camp!
  • Forgot pillows so now on the way to target!
  • First camp sex with my amazing Jay. also, a podcast listener recognized me by my voice! So unexpected!
  • We saw a gorgeous cutting class/demo and are at dinner being introduced to a million people by @viviane212
Sep 10,2008
  • @ 089203170174054402120635058708630961069710170794544
  • The night before a big roadtrip I find myself coating clothespins in wax. And this makes perfect sense.
  • I haven’t gotten half as much done as I was hoping for and I am already desperately exhausted.
  • @ I have been looking for someone to gift my old harness to. Email me if you are interested.
  • @ I said Irish soda bread: Soft interior with rough, hard exterior (but the exterior always has some cracks).
  • My students cajoled me into giving a speech. So I did.
  • Getting ready for Dark Odyssey is causing me to write weird texts to @eternal42. The latest: “power strip, feather bed, lamps” Far out!
  • I’ve turned Twitter auto-posting back on and scheduled posts for while I’m gone. This is a new level of productivity.
  • @ I am totally going to scream your name during my first camp orgasm. You know, spill a drop (of vaginal lubrication) for my homie.
  • I apologize to everyone that just read my last tweet. I have no street cred ;)
  • Watching Kennedy’s “Truth and Tolerance In America Speech”
  • About to go get my eyebrows did. ;) One more set of boring student speeches after that and I am free!
Sep 9,2008
  • @ I stand by mine. Pics of a giant, messy toy stash, the most in need of your help wins. You are California Closets but for toys!
  • @ Ha! I have one! Not dirty messy, just messy! http://twitpic.com/4kon
  • @ Awesome! I’m so glad to see that.
  • So, the professor I slept with a few years ago is e-stalking one of my friends (that he dated) via my Facebook wall. Nice. . .
  • @ Jesus fucking christ. Even the reporter that called her a MILF was getting pissed at that dude.
  • @ It is about time! ;)
  • A nice heart-to-heart with a good friend has me both melancholy and optimistic. And now it is time for bed.
  • I want to go back to sleep but I really need to get some things accomplished today. Perhaps a pitcher of thai iced tea is in order.
  • I just found a small stash of dental dams in our closet full of camping gear.
  • @ Damn, I need to start thinking about a makeout party down here, don’t I? I know I promised you one. . .
  • @ Jesus christ, I thought we agreed to nix the down South jokes?
  • @ Need someone to help you with that?
  • Cool! Just got a We-Vibe to try out.
  • This might be my new favorite blog: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/
  • I just bought really decadent snacks for camp and yummy drinks.
  • The fact that I can’t even focus on Hania coming over for dinner because I am so excited about camp says a lot. Mmm, she is gorgeous though.
  • @ Irish soda bread?
  • I was going to finish BR #22 (with @ !) tonight but I’m going to make out with Hania instead. Is that okay with all of you?

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This is the last time you will see her talk about herself in the third person.

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